All projects have a theme in mind;  either a full restoration to its original factory condition or a resto-mod type build that updates or modernizes parts of the car. Some of the benefits of modernization is dependability and, most importantly, safety. Braking, suspension drivetrain all are common upgrades and all have their specific benefits and functions. Let us help you choose the best options for your project.



Redefining custom by taking a vision from concept to reality is the core of our work. We discuss all details with clients and ensure they are getting exactly what they envisioned. With our teams experience and commitment, we put all of our effort into the project to make it a truly rewarding experience for the client.


One of the hardest decisions on any build is deciding how to power your ride. Smithy Customs has many options from stock or modified power plants to the latest modern engines that have a lot of room for improvment. Building the engines is a Smithy Customs strong suite as much of the modification happens in house, However, with larger modifications we collaborate with some of the best engine builders in the country to help provide the right combinations for the desired power output.



Please take a look at some of our project vehicles to introduce you to some of our drivetrain designs. Many of our builds include engines that are out in the open to compliment the design. Thousand horsepower, forced induction designs can vary greatly. The same level of detail will always be applied whether there are engine covers or closeout panels.


We are experienced with aluminum, steel and fiberglass fabrication. We produce top level results for our clients by creating a solid foundation to start from.


There are an abundant options of suspension products to choose from when building your project. We work with vendors to find the right combinations that will achieve the best performance. The purpose of your project will help to determine which products are needed – whether it is a custom show car, a family cruiser, or for racing. We will suggest what makes sense and if it is not available, we will fabricate it.



If you can think of it, we can do it. We are constantly trying new techniques to redefine interior design. With our competitive sound background, we are able to combine luxury with superior sound quality. Designing a complete interior requires thought into component placing versus interior function. We balance these aspects to give our clients the best results of both.



We put a high priority in the quality of paint and finish for all our projects. A superior paintjob makes the car. If a high level of focus is applied, the paint will compliment the design, not be an obstacle. In order to maintain quality control, our paint and body shop is inhouse. We use PPG refinish exclusively and we focus on one project at a time to bring the best results possible.

The foundation of any paint job starts with the metal. Correct prep and cleaning is a must before epoxy is applied, sealing the metal. Attention to detail starts here and is carried through the complete paint process.
Metal fitting and modification is done prior to body work. Mini tubs, fender widening for larger tires are common practices. Complete assembly is done and fitted to simplify the bodywork reducing the time and amount of material used.


All the hard work materializes with each completed piece. We take great care in the final assembly of our projects. We test and tune suspensions and Dyno tune the car to assure it is mechanically sound and performs flawlessly.

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