Smithy (plural smithies)

  • The location where a smith (particularly a blacksmith) works, a forge.
  • Traditionally, a village smithy was a busy place because the smith's work was so necessary.

Redefining Custom. Located in Houston, Texas, Smithy Forged Customs & Design strives for perfection. Attention to detail is what makes a restoration project. We specialize in the start-to-finish process of automotive restoration and custom design that includes body reconstruction, custom fabrication, full interiors and audio systems, and precise painting and finishing work. We also sell and work with the industry's leading equipment manufacturers to bring the most up to date, innovative parts to our process. Contact us today to discuss your project.


We like to build friendships like our cars. Communication is key in friendships and in our processes, we use current collaboration tools like video chat, social media, and online spreadsheets to involve our clients into the process as much as possible. We collaborate with our vendors, packaging the best solution for the project, not just because it is the popular choice.


Justin Smith

Smithy’s Owner and Lead Designer

Before being able to drive, Justin began fixing and modifying cars. His first car was a hand-me-down with a pull choke, everything had to be repaired so it could be used for daily transportation - drivetrain, body and paint. Naturally, the need for speed came soon after. . . This was the beginning of a lifelong passion that would grow into a successful business. Justin’s knowledge is not limited to just hot rods. 4x4’s were a fun outlet as a young adult and led to many core lessons on suspension fabrication and design. He quickly learned what worked and what didn't. Retrofitting drivetrain, fabricating parts and adapters was the highlight of every build. It was years later that the passion of building something with quality and function took hold. Today, extensive modifications have to be well thought out and designed for its use before getting started. A high level of planning and communication is a major detail and must be at the forefront of every build for a successful outcome. Justin has received countless awards for his work and has been featured in several online and printed magazines. Accomplishments include wins at Goodguy’s, Concours d'Elegance, Keels and Wheels, and Super Chevy.

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